I’m jumping right in without my partner in crime, an action sure to earn me a sharp rebuke or, at the very least, a kick in the shin (insert rebuttal from K here, “I haven’t kicked you since junior high!  Let it go.”).  But a blog has to start somewhere, and I say it ought to start right here, right now. 

I’ll start with a topic that has been bothering us immensely for the last week: why must Smart cars be so very unattractive?  We try to be good environmentalists, we really do, but the car issue is one we’re having trouble with.  We like the idea of hybrid cars, but the execution?  Not so much.  Except for maybe the Lexus, and the odds of either of us acquiring such an automobile on our budgets is fiscally impossible.  Really, what if you got in an accident?!  T’s brother was broadsided at an intersection years ago, and the only thing that saved his life was the fact that we was riding in a 70s Cadillac, a land yacht.  In a Smart car, he would have been splattered all over the pavement.  Then again, perhaps that’s what the planet wants: fewer people!  Perhaps the Smart car is part of a planetary conspiracy to rid the Earth of those pesky, resource-eviscerating humans by convincing them that driving said death trap is a good thing to do.  Sneaky. 

But whatever.  I’m rambling.