1.  Glam Rock – There’s just something about a man in a sparkly bodysuit and lip gloss, and honestly, who doesn’t love David Bowie?  Crazy people, that’s who.  (See also: Velvet Goldmine, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, T. Rex)

2.  Betty White – old lady + filthy mouth = delightful.  Is it just us, or is Ms. White only improving with age?

3.  The Buttercream GangGreatest movie ever made? Come for the touching story of friendship and redemption; stay for the homoerotic tension and crappy dialog!  (Sample line: “You’re gonna be toast!  Burnt toast!”)

4.  Javier Bardem – Sexy Spanish bastard.  What more can we say?

5.  Seinfeld – It is literally possible to reference this show in just about every social situation.

Elaine: Ugh, I hate people.
Jerry: Yeah, they’re the worst.

6.  Sock monkeys – Come on!  How is it possible for anything to be that freaking cute?!

7.  50s father slang – How ‘bout it, sport?  Everything okay there, kiddo?  Hang in there, champ!

8.  Potato Soup – This wonderful, hearty concoction puts all other soups to shame.  Not as runny as soup, yet less jam-packed than stew, potato soup exists in a magical limbo of deliciousness.

9.  Mix “tapes” – We can’t be the only ones who obsess for months (seriously, months!) over the right combination and playing order of songs to best express our feelings to listeners, only to scrap it all at the last minute and redo the whole thing.

10. Cooking magazines – Mmmm…food porn!  Wait, you’re actually supposed to use the recipes to prepare dishes and not just drool over the pictures?  That’s silly talk.

And on that wholesome note, have a great weekend everybody!