1. Tom Petty – How is it possible that this man keeps getting better and cooler every year?  And that timeless shag!  We’ll see you next month, Mr. Petty!  Please let us touch your hair. 
  2. Andrew Jackson’s hair – The word “mane” might be more accurate than “hair.”  Take a moment to examine a $20 bill.  Andy may be responsible for some atrocious pieces of American history (Trail of Tears, anyone?) but the awesomeness of his hair is indisputable. 
  3. Muse’s new single, “Neutron Star Collision” – With lyrics like “my love will be forever and we die, we die together,” it’s sexy and menacing!  What more could a girl want?
  4. Amanda Bynes – Will you be friends with us?  Please?
  5. Head vases – Someone told us recently that these were not “good art.”  Being possessed of apparently terrible taste in art, we’re fascinated by these intricate, bejeweled ladies (and the Civil War generals who love them).
  6. Lena Headey – It’s completely unfair that this woman gets better looking and more talented with age.  (Not unlike Fetch #1 up there.)  Sexy, funny, down to earth—can we be you, Lena?
  7. Historical reenactments – What’s more fun than people in period dress bringing the past alive with historically accurate costumes, slang, and story lines?  We are eagerly looking forward to the witch trial reenactments when we visit Salem this September!
  8. Christopher Guest mockumentaries With so many ridiculous characters and so much priceless dialogue, these films only get funnier with repeated viewings.
  9. Jane Lynch – Yes, Sue Sylvester is a character for the ages, but Jane Lynch steals every show she’s in, especially as a Witch in Nature’s Colors who used to make movies for mature audiences (wink). 
  10. The Mighty Boosh – You love it, you slag!