I’m full of questions lately, not unlike an inquisitive five year old.  But these are the kinds of questions that don’t have easy answers and so I must unburden myself by presenting them to you in the hopes someone will have the answers!

  • Why do men feel the need to spit all the time?  Is their saliva more volatile than women’s?  Is it simply more disgusting in their mouths?
  • Why did I wake up this morning with Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” in my head when I haven’t heard this tune in about 10 years?
  • Why does it take only two bites to ingest 100 calories yet more than a half hour on the treadmill to burn them off?
  • When is Tootsie Roll Industries going to make a new Tootsie Pop commercial?  Enough with this insufferable “how many licks” business!
  • Where does the expression “face the music” come from?
  • Why am I having weird dreams about my dad becoming a drag queen?
  • When is Lindsay Lohan going to get her shit together and make another Mean Girls caliber movie?
  • Is the habit of men reading on the toilet for long periods of time universal or is this just an American thing?
  • When did it become okay to roll through stop signs and run glaringly red lights?  Did someone change the law and not inform me?
  • Since when does my favorite yogurt have 34 grams of sugar per serving?  Egad!
  • Will Zoolander ever cease to amuse me?