What is it with the dorky boy / hot girl hook-up that’s so prevalent in pop culture? More importantly, why does it never work the other way around? Guys might hook up with the “weird” girl (read: inclination toward black nail polish and artistic endeavors) or the girl-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks (with a heart of gold underneath those scanty clothes!), but these girls are invariably still attractive. Or they will be once they remove those offending glasses and ponytails. The closest instance I can think of is Twilight, but that doesn’t even count really, because the protagonist only thinks she’s plain, whereas every boy in sight begs to differ.

So what does this trend mean for humankind? Are women less shallow than men, despite all evidence to the contrary? Perhaps it’s a status thing. People gravitate toward power and money, and for a woman, her appearance is currency. A guy can be awkward and dorky and still get the hot girl so long as he has his own currency—actual currency in this case. Normal people, on the other hand, seem to gravitate toward their equal opposites. All other things being equal, beautiful people mate with beautiful people (something about keeping the blood lines pure) and the rest of us boring schmucks are left to stick together.

But wait! There is a light on the horizon: Awkward, unconventionally attractive Nia Vardalos did get the tall and very nice looking John Corbett in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a film she wrote. So apparently there’s an important lesson to be learned from all of this: write your own life story, and you get to cast a hot person as your love interest.