In honor of our American Independence Day, we proudly present our favorite British slang!  This logic might only make sense to us.

  1. Dollybird – For ladies as attractive as dolls who, also like dolls, have stuffing for brains.
  2. Mad as pants – Not sure what makes pants particularly mad, but we reckon it’s a catchy phrase.
  3. Slag – So much classier than calling someone a slut.
  4. Off my head – An apt description of insanity.
  5. Gone wrong – As in, you’ve passed your sell-by date.
  6. Pikey – The British equivalent of American white trash.
  7. Grotty – A wonderfully descriptive adjective combining gross, dirty, and gritty, first heard (by us) in A Hard Day’s Night.
  8. How’s yer father – Somehow this refers to having intercourse.  Typing of which…
  9. Shag – Way better than our euphemisms, like bone or pork.
  10. Chuffed – We’re delighted!