1. Humming – Hear that nice song playing on the radio right now?  Yeah, we can’t hear it either.  Because you’re humming.  Off key.  Stop it.
  2. People who call into radio shows without thinking through what they’re going to say first — “Yeah, uh, hi.  I have a comment to make?  About the topic you’re discussing?  I, uh, think that, uh, it’s wrong?  You know?”
  3. Pinky rings, particularly on men – Unless you’re in the mafia or loosely connected to it as well as prodigiously talented like Frank Sinatra, this accessory is not for you.  Kindly remove it from your finger.
  4. Leaving Christmas decorations up all year long – Sure, you could argue that they’ll eventually be current again, but that’s no excuse for leaving your Christmas decorations up all summer long.  They’re not special and pretty in July, folks.
  5. Overly “helpful” sales associates – Saying hello and asking if we need any assistance is perfectly acceptable and pleasant.  Continuing to hound us after we’ve said no thanks is not.
  6. Cell phone use in the library – This one should be a no-brainer but sadly it’s not, because someone is loudly chatting away on their phone every time we enter the library.  Does the word “shhhhh” mean nothing to you?   
  7. The return of 90s style – It makes us feel horribly old to have the fashion of our youth come around again.  Mini backpacks and platform sneakers?  We’re old enough to know better now, and we refuse to give in.
  8. The cost of replacement parts – How is it that a replacement drum for a printer costs more than the printer itself?  You end up having to scrap the whole thing and buy a new one, which is downright wasteful.  They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.  (And yes, we’re aware this sentiment makes us sound like octogenarians.)
  9. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins splitting up – We are still upset about this.  Never getting married was supposed to preserve them from divorcing after decades of non-connubial bliss!
  10. Other people’s conversations – Is there anything more boring?  Dear lady behind T in line at the theatre: your friend must really adore you to listen to your excruciatingly detailed, fifteen minute anecdote about your trip to Target that afternoon.