The Rocketeer

This is one of the first films I ever saw in a theatre and looking back, I can’t believe I was only 5 when it came out.  My darling niece is five, and I can’t imagine taking her to see a movie featuring gangsters, Nazis, and a battle atop a hydrogen balloon, but my parents clearly knew what they were doing, because I instantly fell in love with this movie and watched it so many times I wore out my VHS.  I’ve been told that viewing this film offers insight into my apparently unusual personality, and I guess this makes sense because I’ve maintained a lifelong interest in mobsters, old Hollywood, and being kidnapped by sexy Nazis like Neville Sinclair.  It’s possibly also informed my sense of morality, as I’ve been known to quote gangster Eddie Valentine on many occasions: “I may not make an honest living, but I’m an American and I don’t work for no two bit Nazi!”  Now that’s patriotism!