The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh

If I’m stranded on an island, odds are I will be feeling pretty darn pissy and will require something to make me laugh.  Nothing tickles my funny bone (I find that expression kind of icky) quite like the Boosh.  The prodigiously amusing Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt play, respectively, adorable dandy Vince Noir and self-serious jazz fiend Howard Moon, not to mention a slew of other memorable characters such as the transgender merman Old Gregg and psychotic cockney The Hitcher.  They’re joined in their adventures by Bollo the ape, Naboo the Enigma (a pot smoking shaman), and Bob Fossil (whose nipple rubbing dances defy description).  Oh, and there are musical numbers and priceless raps called crimps (“bouncy bouncy, ooh such a good time!”).

Vince (aka “The Confuser”) tempts creepy men with his tight pants and gorgeous hair.

In my favorite episode, “The Nightmare of Milky Joe,” our heroes find themselves stranded on an island and promptly fall in love with coconut women, only to suffer the consequences of coconut spousal abuse and eventual murder.  I hope it won’t come to that on our island, but regardless of what happens, I’ll be better off with the Boosh there.