1. Gnomes – How silently they sit there, observing us day in and day out.  How much they must know and yet how little they reveal.  Inscrutable.  Irresistible! 
  2. Cole Porter – Pretty sure he was a robot from the future.  How else do you explain the prolific output and ridiculously witty lyricism of this songwriter?  Robot for sure.
  3. Peanut butter – Quite possibly the most versatile and delicious spread ever created!  Peanut butter is the perfect accompaniment to English muffins, bagels, pancakes, bread, crackers, etc.  Mmmm.
  4. Air conditioning – How in Jefferson’s name did people exist in the summer before central air?
  5. Dean Winters – He was heartbreaking as Sarah Connor’s jilted fiancé on Terminator, and then he turned around and made us laugh through our cringes as Liz’s insufferable boyfriend Dennis on 30 Rock.  Now we get to see him every commercial break as Mayhem, dropping trees on cars.  Well done, sir.
  6. Mad Men – Yes, this show receives heaps of praise from critics, but you know what?  It deserves every word.  Sexy Joan!  That lovable scoundrel Don!  Crazypants worse-mother-ever Betty!  But someone needs to punch Pete Campbell in the face.    
  7. Rufus Sewell – This man should never be out of period clothing, the broody bastard!  There’s something just slightly off about his face.  We’ve never been able to put a finger on it, but it only makes him sexier.
  8. Joan Jett – The shag haircut!  The leather pants!  The snarl!  Oh yeah, and she’s a pretty good musician, too.
  9. “Background artists” – Thanks to Ricky Gervais’ brilliant show Extras, we have a newfound appreciation for those thankless actors who populate scenes and strive in vain for one speaking line.  When they’re doing their job well, we shouldn’t (and don’t) even notice them.
  10. Greek – By all rights, this show should be stupid and pretty redundant after years of frat boy films, but it someone manages to be sweet, funny and—gasp—intelligent.  T ♥ Cappie!