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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Raiders of the Lost Ark is usually everyone’s first round pick when it comes to Indy movies, but my heart has always belonged to Crusade.  It has all the adventure, history, and tomb raiding of the first two films, with the added humor of Indy’s antagonistic relationship with father Henry, played with perfect condescension by the always enjoyable Sean Connery.  Most importantly, it also features my favorite Indy love interest: Dr. Elsa Schneider, a sexy Arian ice queen who cries at the sight of burning books but nonetheless aligns herself with the Nazis in the interest of tracking down the Holy Grail.  To young me, Elsa was the epitome of stylish, intelligent, and resourceful women.  (Question for future psychoanalysts: what does it say about me that the beloved films of my childhood all seem to feature Nazis?)  Throw in the Knights Templar, River Phoenix as the best young Indy (sorry Sean Patrick Flannery), and Venetian boast chases, and you have the perfect adventure film.  I’ve watched this movie countless times since it came out in 1989, and it’s mentally impossible for me to ever get sick of it.  No desert island would be complete without it.  



Desert Island: Film

The Rocketeer

This is one of the first films I ever saw in a theatre and looking back, I can’t believe I was only 5 when it came out.  My darling niece is five, and I can’t imagine taking her to see a movie featuring gangsters, Nazis, and a battle atop a hydrogen balloon, but my parents clearly knew what they were doing, because I instantly fell in love with this movie and watched it so many times I wore out my VHS.  I’ve been told that viewing this film offers insight into my apparently unusual personality, and I guess this makes sense because I’ve maintained a lifelong interest in mobsters, old Hollywood, and being kidnapped by sexy Nazis like Neville Sinclair.  It’s possibly also informed my sense of morality, as I’ve been known to quote gangster Eddie Valentine on many occasions: “I may not make an honest living, but I’m an American and I don’t work for no two bit Nazi!”  Now that’s patriotism!  


  1. Piper Perabo – She’s cute, talented, funny and friends with K’s imaginary bff Lena Headey.  It’s about time someone gave her a show of her own!
  2. Satirical social commentary – Who needs dry, straight-laced statistics when you can get the point across so much more effectively in a funny, well written satire like Natural Born Killers?
  3. Garfunkel & Oates – Such wisdom and spot-on observations sung (sometimes rapped) by two genius young women who have a sly way with words.  Pregnant women are smug!  Thank you, ladies, for finally saying what needed to be said.
  4. Cloth bags – Paper or plastic?  Neither!
  5. Minnesota Public Radio – Where else can you get Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, up-to-the-minute news updates, balanced political commentary, and (huzzah!) literary discussions all in one place?  Yeah, we’re nerds.
  6. Paul Rudd – Dearest Paul Rudd, we’ve loved you since we first met you in Clueless all those years ago and, if such a thing is possible, you’ve only gotten cuter and funnier since then.  We bet you smell good, too.  Please come give us a hug.  Love, T&K.
  7. Apples to Apples – You say “sexy,” I put down…”Nazi”?  This game is possibly the best way to dig into someone’s disturbed psyche since Freud got all up in psychoanalysis.
  8. Bowling – The Pandas’ sport of choice!  Our games usually degenerate into childish name calling and spontaneous 60s-inspired dance parties, but we still manage to fit a few poorly shot frames in.
  9. Victorian-era gothic romance – Is your lover digging up your grave because you keep haunting him?  Are you being tormented by the impetuous gentleman who employs you as a governess?  Or trying to hide your secret, illegitimate child?  Chances are you’re in a gothic romance!
  10. Juliette Lewis – Someone had to carry on the spandex-wearing, riot grrrl spirit of rock n’ roll, and that person is…actress Juliette Lewis?  Yes!