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The Swiss Family Robinson

It seems only fitting that The Swiss Family Robinson should come with to the island. Not only is it effing awesome, but it could act as our survival guide. This movie teaches us all sorts of super useful survival techniques, such as how to (1) build a wicked cool tree house, (2) disguise yourself, albeit unsuccessfully, as a boy, (3) with limited resources, still look as good as Dorothy McGuire, and (4) fend off racially stereotyped pirates with coconuts and tigers. But if The Swiss Family Robinson has taught us anything it’s this: it’s much better to be stranded on a tropical island as opposed to a desert island because there is always plenty of fruit (for food) and animals (also for food, but for the occasional zebra vs. ostrich race, too). Yet as much as I love this movie, I find I always have to suspend my disbelief. How is it that they managed to salvage so much stuff from the shipwreck? There was a damn organ in that tree house! (Sidebar: This is also my problem with Gilligan’s Island. Why does Ginger have so many smurfing gowns? It’s absurd! Not to mention The Skipper and Gilligan’s endless supply of blue and red shirts. And don’t even get me started on Mrs. Howell. But I digress.) Despite the completely improbable plot (it is from Disney, after all) I adore this movie. I’ve watched it countless times and I never get tired of it. And, as T pointed out, it’s very meta to have an island movie on an island and I love anything meta. A final note… Many moons ago, whilst watching The Swiss Family Robinson for the 107th time, T and I wondered, as we were confused by the various accents of the actors, where does the Swiss Family Robinson hail from? To which T’s mom replied, with a look of pity and/or disgust, “Switzerland! They’re the Swiss Family Robinson!” Touché, Mrs. T’s Mom. Touché.



Lost in Space

Disclaimer: K and I take issue with the whole concept of desert island lists.  First of all, why are we packing CDs, movies, and books when other articles could be of more use to us during our seclusion, such as rope, matches, water filters, etc.?  Second of all, how exactly are we going to enjoy those electricity requiring items?  Is this a fancy, Swiss Family Robinson style luau with tree forts, running water, and creature generated energy?  It’s absurd!

That said, we do love making lists and forcing ourselves to make decisions in preparation for events that will likely never occur in life (although my perceived likelihood of being stranded on an island has gone up considerably since I started watching Lost).  So, in honor of my new favorite show and the aforementioned love of list making, I present the first installment in our new Desert Island series!

David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars  

This is possibly the only disc I can listen to straight through over and over without skipping a single song.  I never really understood the concept of the Album that rock journalists love to prattle on about until I heard this one.  I get it now, how the songs all connect and tell a larger story than any single track could on its own (well, as cohesive as any album about rockers from space written by a renowned drug taking zany pants could be). 

But more importantly, Bowie is one sweet transvestite from transsexual Mars.  “I’ll be a rock n rolling bitch for you,” he sings on my favorite track, Moonage Daydream.  You’ll always be my favorite bitch, Bowie!