1. Vinyl – There’s just something about that scratchy sound, the hiss as the needle meets its grove, that can never be topped by mp3s.  Not to mention the glorious canvas that is cover art, creating the satisfyingly substantial piece of music history you hold in your hands.
  2. The noble art of falconry – Falconers just don’t get the credit they deserve.  They daily dance with death, their limbs mere gloves away from being ripped to the bone by the monstrous claws of their beloved birds.  And the cheesy jokes; we appreciate them.  This one’s for you, anonymous falconer at the prairie grass reserve event.
  3. Banjos – No longer the sole property of bluegrass bands, this timeless instrument has been adopted by punks and comedians alike to create beautiful music.  If it’s good enough for Django Reinhardt, Sufjan Stevens, and the Dropkick Murphys, it’s good enough for us.
  4. Urban Decay – For those of us who think a purple smoky eye is perfectly appropriate for seven o’clock in the morning.
  5. Flea Markets – Perhaps it’s the smell of mini donuts wafting through the air, or the tables piled high with more odds and end than you can shake a mannequin head at, but flea markets are some of our favorite places on earth!  Last year, T finally scored a mint-in-box Troll Barbie, righting a wrong committed over a decade ago when she chose to get a Polly Pocket instead of this clearly superior doll.
  6. Men in kilts – It takes a confident, dare we say badass, sort of fellow to bare his legs with the sort of frank ease required of a kilt.  Like Samuel L. Jackson or Ewan McGregor.  And if you see a man wearing his kilt with combat boot and a punk tee, please send him to us.
  7. Pancakes with beer – Quite possibly the best combination ever, yet so many restaurants overlook the genius of offering alcohol with their breakfast menu.  If only Denny’s had a liquor license, we’d never leave.  Thank you, St. Clair Broiler, for understanding and answering our plea.
  8. Pie – Best dessert ever?  It even has nutritional value!  From the edges of its hearty crust to its gooey, often fruity filling, pie is one of those perfect concoctions that time and science cannot improve upon.
  9. Steve Martin’s dance in The Jerk – This can’t be replicated with any amount of success.  We’ve tried.  Mr. Steve Martin, you sir are a golden god.
  10.  Handlebar mustaches and mutton chops – Is it just us, or do these grooming staples of old timey villains who tie damsels to railroad tracks and forgotten 19th century presidents need to make a comeback?